Our personal training services are really flexible.  Our FREE consultation will be finding out what you want to achieve, what you can do already and any issues you have had had training previously.  We cover your medical history to ensure we can make you a stronger, fitter athlete whilst reducing your injury risk. 

Our private Studio/clinic is based at North Cottages, St Albans, AL2 1AW.  Perfect for 1:1 sessions or small groups.

Personal Training / S&C Packs

12 pack 12 x 1-hour PT sessions (£52 each)        £624.00

10 Pack 10 x 1-hour PT sessions (£53 each)        £530.00

8 Pack 8 x 1-hour PT sessions (£54 each)             £432.00

6 Pack 6 x 1-hour PT sessions (£55 each)             £330.00

4 Pack 4 x 1-hour PT sessions (£56 each)              £224.00

Single session Single 1-hour PT session                £58.00

Buddy training 1-hour session (2 people)            £66.00

All ‘packs’ of training sessions are subject to an expiry from date of purchase. Please discuss this with your personal trainer at consultation as all our trainers have bespoke packs and programs available, if you don’t see something that is suitable for your needs, please ask us!