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Sports Massage

We offer a range of sports therapy services, including excellent sports massage treatment options.


Different packages are available for our exclusive strength & conditioning service, catered to your athletic needs.

Multisport Coaching

We have bespoke plans for varying levels of multisport athletes. No matter what stage you are at, there is a plan for you.

Dr Allie Park Crowne sitting inside her fantastic RedAlert PT studio!

A Little About Me

Dr Allie Park-Crowne is a qualified Sports Therapist and Coach with over a decade of experience in the field. RedAlert PT was launched in 2015 to inspire and achieve results; we continue to do exactly that!

Allie has worked with hundreds of clients throughout her time. RedAlert PT has developed a variety of people with different goals. Whether it be training for a triathlon or general strength and conditioning programmes, RedAlert PT provides excellent support and proven-winning methods to generate success.

When it comes to qualifications, Allie is a registered exercise professional and sports massage therapist with multiple affiliating bodies to ensure RedAlert PT provides high-quality, expert training regimes for their clients.

Let’s Work Together.

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Our Facilities

At RedAlert PT, we have a range of facilities for clients use, specifically catered to their personalised plan. This includes a weight-lifting section, cardio-based equipment and a designated sports massage clinic.

Bench Press rack inside the RedAlert PT Studio
Bike machine inside the RedAlert PT studio.
A look inside the RedAlert PT studio

What Our Clients Say

Antonia Jubb client review
Antonia Jubb

Allie has been a huge help to me over the past few years and played such a large part in helping me receive my first GBR kit. I couldn’t recommend her enough for pre and post race recovery and keeping on top of weakness. 

Tom Grimshaw client review
Tom Grimshaw

Since working with Allie my body feels like it has been unlocked. My muscles no longer feel tight and cramp up which is great as I recover faster which means I can get back to training sooner! 

Emily Taylor client review
Emily Taylor

Since working with RedAlert PT, my performance has improved noticeably. With years of competing to a high level herself, I trust Allie’s expertise and experience to help me plan my training and deliver results.

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