About RedAlert PT

RedAlert PT provides transformative Sports Therapy programmes designed to support any individual striving to improve their overall health and fitness goals.

Our personalised studio facility offers a range of high-level equipment that can be individually tailored to fit every single client’s needs for their specific training programme.

With Dr Allie Park-Crowne as your lead consultant, you will be in the hands of a highly qualified Sports Therapist who, herself, has personal experience competing at an extremely high level for different sporting activities, including qualification for World and European Championship events!

If you choose to become a part of the RedAlert PT family, we can guarantee that you will receive the quality support you deserve on the path towards an improved version of your current self. 

Dr Allie Park Crowne sitting in her RedAlert PT studio.

Getting to know us

Before we get into the why, let’s tell you exactly what RedAlert PT is all about and what we stand for!

Launched in March 2015 by Dr Park-Crowne, we have developed into an established sports therapy and coaching service based in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

We wanted to make a difference. And we are making a difference. With our knowledge, experience and facilities, we offer clients outstanding development opportunities, regardless of their desired outcome.

Our main three services come under sports massage, triathlon coaching and S&C (strength and conditioning), but that is not to say we cannot cater to your personalised requests for specific goals.

You can find out all about Dr Park-Crowne’s background and expertise, which led to the creation of RedAlert PT and exactly why you should choose to work with us.

Why should you choose RedAlert PT?

At RedAlert PT, we boast a range of qualities that make us the ideal choice if you are looking for sports massage treatment, or if you want a personalised coaching development plan.

Excellent Facilities

When it comes to facilities, it’s important to have the tools available to ensure you can correctly implement your personalised plans and work towards achieving your goals.

Situated in St Albans, Hertfordshire, our studio is a private facility, which allows you to work towards your targets without the distractions of others.

RedAlert PT studio facilities - bench press section.

The RedAlert PT studio includes:

  • Professional sports massage table
  • High-quality treadmill
  • Dumbbell section
  • Compound lifting section (including barbell and squat rack)
  • Matted flooring
  • Workout speakers
  • And more!

Personalised Plans

We appreciate that no individual is the same and everyone will have a unique outlook for what they want to achieve. Therefore, our RedAlert PT programmes are 100% bespoke to each client’s needs, which is discussed in the initial consultation

While the main body of our programmes follow the same principles, we tailor the plans to each client to maximise effectiveness and development. 

Our personalised plans follow the SMART principle and we use data to track your progress and project your development along the way.

Dedicated Team

Dr Allie Park-Crowne started RedAlert PT with the intention to help those looking for quality and knowledgeable training plans to achieve their goals. Since launching in 2015, we have assigned all of our success to ensure we deliver the best quality for every client we work with.

You will be in the hands of professional care and our first priority is to make sure you enjoy using the RedAlert PT services; that is achieved by our hard work and dedication.

Expert training and advice will be continuously handed to clients along the journey.

A message from a client

We want you to hear from our clients ourselves. You can find a full list on our reviews page, but here is an example from Antonia Jubb, someone who put their trust into RedAlert PT and saw magnificent results:

“Being a triathlete and training for three individual sports, it can be tough to not get little niggles here and there.

“With the help of Allie [Dr Park-Crowne], her sports massage treatment kept me loose and on top of my training programme.

“Allie has been a huge help to me over the past few years and I could not recommend RedAlert PT enough!”

Work with us!

If you want to find out more information about RedAlert PT, or you believe you are ready to take the first steps on your fitness journey, get in touch with us today!