RedAlert PT Reviews

Emily Taylor 
Before working with Allie, I was putting in the training hours and had secured myself a GB age group place but somehow juggling training with four young kids always made me feel like I was winging it. Allie’s qualifications, expertise and structured training plans meant that within a couple of months of working with her, the hours were delivering results and my times – and confidence in myself – were showing marked improvement.
Allie’s approach is just right for me. She understands the conflicts of daily life and juggling training around children and she is just so down to earth. What’s more her experience and racing history means she’s perfectly placed to prepare me for my future goals as she’s done them all herself.

Rachael Haslar 
I initially went to Allie for some PT sessions to complement the marathon training program I had started. Soon after meeting Allie it was obvious that I could get the whole package from her and she quickly had me on a personalised training program alongside the PT sessions. She is highly knowledgeable and a great source for advice and information on all things fitness and health related. Her previous professional background and educational qualifications really complement the PT work. She is fun and engaging to be around and her sessions leave you feeling energised and motivated, I have not only met a great PT but a new friend too!

Paul Orange 
Allie was the first coach I ever worked with. I started working with Allie for her to help my running, and in particular, to get me through my first ultramarathon, after deciding to take the step up from the 26.2 mile distance. As well as regular sessions 1:1 with Allie, working on my strength and endurance, she gave me a structured running program to get me used to the longer distances. The real icing on the cake was that Allie and her husband came to to support me, and even run some sections with me on the race itself, and yes, I managed to step directly from marathon up to 100k distance! I’d highly recommended Allie to anyone looking to take their performance to the next level.

Trish Gormley
I had been running for a long time, and been involved in triathlon for just a few years, when I took the plunge and signed up for my first IM70.3 in 2018. I decided to find a coach to help me achieve this, a coach who needed to be just right for me as a person, a terrified but excited first timer who was full of uncertainty but fully committed. In addition to this I hoped that I wasn’t pushing my luck in trying to find a female coach who could relate to and empathise with the physical and emotional changes and challenges that women face.
Allie has everything I was looking for and more! Not only does she have all the necessary qualifications and qualities I was looking for in a female coach, she has an invaluable scientific background with numerous personal achievements and passion for triathlon which underpin her knowledge, experience and work ethic.
I can’t thank Allie enough for coaching me to my first IM70.3 and I’m currently enjoying her coaching me to two more next year.

Paul Hutt 
I can’t recommend Allie highly enough for this (marathon training). I managed to get my particularly non- athletic body round this year’s London Marathon in a time I was pretty happy with given the heat, and the massive help and support Allie gave me throughout training made the world of difference.

Simon Adkins 
I met Allie in 2016 and she has single handedly changed my life. OK so a bit of an exaggeration but she is thorough and professional, funny when needed and exacting when it comes to training plans and execution. Allie got me from being able to suffer a 10km run to look forward to running and complete my first half marathon in 4 months. That’s 4 months worth of training not 4 months to complete the 21.1km.  In coming years I’m looking forward to further improvements in my performance and more importantly to enjoy training. Thanks, you are fab.

Phil Coates 
Allie is a great coach who helped me cycle 150 miles and walk the same distance in the space of 2 weeks. Think I might be back next year as I’ve set myself another challenge!!!

Francesca Scott
A great coach and personal trainer with massive knowledge base and motivating techniques. Her PT sessions got me back into running after a (very) long break and helped me to run two half marathons and complete a triathlon.  A definite recommendation!

Naomi Rigby
After having children relatively close together and doing no exercise for a few years I didn’t know where to begin. I started weekly PT with Allie and ended up continuing for a whole year, it was totally brilliant. Very tailored, structured and really works. She is just the nicest person too. Felt like it was both physical and mental therapy!

Helena Bowen 
I began PT sessions with Allie as I had lost my enthusiasm for exercise. Allie helped me find my enjoyment of training again by making tough sessions fun! My fitness increased and overall I felt better about myself. The RedAlert studio is a fantastic place to train with lots of equipment but with the personal touch.

Chrissy Tichler
After two babies and hitting a rut with my own attempts at getting fit and weight loss, I decided to look at PT options. Being a little reluctant at the thought of the cost and being bossed around by a stereotypical gym buff, I was hugely relieved when I met Allie.
Her obvious knowledge of health and fitness, immediate enthusiasm (and reasonable rates) made me at ease and look forward to starting.
Allie worked with me to set stretching but realistic goals and helped make sensible and achievable lifestyle changes (so no crazy fad diets and I can still eat chocolate) in order to understand not just my own but the whole family’s food and exercise habits. Through Allies enthusiasm, motivation and mixing up the exercise (from kick boxing to running to weights) I have amazingly started enjoying exercise, working out for fun rather than as a chore.
So. The bottom line… In less than 5 months Allie has helped me lose 8kg(!) and two dress sizes(!) but more importantly I feel healthier and happier in myself. Awesome! Thanks Allie!
Would I recommend her? YES!

Alexa Marengh 
I went to Allie for PT sessions as well as her group training sessions when I had my first baby, and I am so glad I did. I lost all my baby weight within 5-6 months, but the classes also gave me my confidence back and helped me meet other mummy friends. It was so good being able to take my baby with to all the classes as when you are breast feeding, you don’t really get a chance to exercise otherwise. I highly recommend these sessions and will be going back after I’ve had my second.

Tracey Bravo 
Loved Allie’s classes and the fact I could take my little boy. Everyone was in the same boat so it ever mattered if your baby was being slightly disruptive as the class was designed to take that into account. Sometimes I had to squat whilst holding my baby instead of the actual exercise and that was never a problem. Allie, a mum herself know exact,y what challenges we face and I would recommend her classes to anyone.

Zaza Scanlon 
Love the Buggy Fitness session that the team offers in St Albans town centre. Great atmosphere to come back, to exercising and alternative “options” during workout are provided depending on your recovery/stage, and fitness ability. Spacious and fun!!! Thanks xx

Gemma Jones 
Myself and my two daughters absolutely love Allie’s classes. Being indoors at Fitness First is an absolute winner, as you don’t have to worry about the weather. Babies are entertained in a safe environment and toddlers can run around to their hearts content, safe in the knowledge that they can’t escape the gym!
Classes are great for getting your fitness back after having a baby, with the weights, steps etc being used at the gym so you can really push yourself to loose weight and regain confidence.