All Nations Sprint Triathlon

Allie’s first race of 2022, warm up pre Eton Sprints weekend.


First race of the season and my ‘mojo seeker’.

Having spent 3 months not training due to a combo of study, foot injury and the dreaded ‘Rona’ virus promptly followed by shingles, I wasn’t sure if it was a bit silly attending this race. Then again it was a sprint distance so even if I had to hobble around the run, I thought it would be good fun to take part anyway.

I love races on closed circuits like Dorney so if nothing else it would be fun to ride my TT bike on smooth tarmac with no cars around!

Swim – bloody awful, a personal worst time haha! Then again, my only swimming for 3 months has been heads up breaststroke granny style in the lido at 2-10 degrees for the polar bear challenge!

Bike – AMAZING! I love closed roads circuits, and despite my FTP being about 40 watts lower than pre-Charlie, it was a 20km PB time (I think), thanks to the aero bike fit i had done last year, faster for less watts, what’s not to to like about that?

Run – Slow, for my usual 5km pace, BUT, with a plantar plate tear and only 4 or 5 easy 30min jogs in the last 3 months, again, I was really happy with the time for the day. Overall, 5th lady and 2nd 40+ so happy with that.

Certainly made me find my race mojo again and have another couple sprints lined up this month so hopefully can build on this now.

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