Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Emily’s race of her life!

14 October 2023 As I sit twelve hours into a long flight home from Kona I find myself reflecting on the fact that this journey actually started all the way back in 2007 when Chris and I found ourselves on a mountain biking adventure in Nepal with a remarkable lady called Dot. Dot was World … Read more

Sam slays the Dragon! IM Wales race report

Ironman Wales 2023: A Day like no other “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” Michelangelo. One of the toughest, one of the best, and a race that has seemed aspirational (if not … Read more

St Neots Standard Triathlon – World Championship Qualifier (Heather)

Anyone who has seen me at the start of a triathlon (or any race for that matter) will know that I’m always a bag of nerves. You’d be forgiven for thinking it was my first race, each and every time. Well not today, today I was pretty chilled. I’m not sure why? It’s not as … Read more

Bronze Medal at World Champs for Emily!

World Long Distance Triathlon Championships, Slovakia 21 August 2022 First things first, the promised 4am after race party is real. Very real. It’s the reason I am writing this race report at 2am with the party in full flow in the hotel downstairs. Only 2 hours to go! Hats off to those still partying, I’m … Read more

The ‘accidental sprint’ – Sam

Taunton Sprint Triathlon was a great day out: short and sharp with nowhere to hide, a really friendly, mixed field, great event team and I was back to racing with friends. Pool swim, rolling bike course, 5.7km run. 10/10 would do it again. Swim: 50m in and my lungs are on fire, my stroke has … Read more

Hertfordshire Triathlon (Standard) – Heather

Hertfordshire Triathlon (Standard) Sunday 22nd May saw the Hertfordshire Standard, Sprint and Super Sprint Triathlons. The standard distance was the Hertfordshire championship race so the pressure was on from Triforce, my triathlon club, for as many club members as possible to compete.  Despite this being my local race I was still up at 4:30 thanks … Read more

Eton Sprints weekend and European Sprint distance Qualifier for 2023

Having completed a race course reccie last weekend on my TT bike, I then found out that the qualifiers were going to be draft legal, and on the modified bike course (21.2km on the not so lush and smooth new tarmac), oh well! I have never done a draft legal event so I was very … Read more

All Nations Sprint Triathlon

Allie’s first race of 2022, warm up pre Eton Sprints weekend.   First race of the season and my ‘mojo seeker’. Having spent 3 months not training due to a combo of study, foot injury and the dreaded ‘Rona’ virus promptly followed by shingles, I wasn’t sure if it was a bit silly attending this … Read more

Outlaw Half – Nottingham

Emily’s first middle distance of 2022…   Outlaw Half Ironman  I entered this with one goal – to serve as a recce ahead of the full Outlaw Ironman in July.  Arriving at Holmepierre Point on Saturday took me back to doing the National Relays there about 15 years ago!  My campsite was 7 miles from … Read more

John races the Lapland Arctic Ultra

So where do I start with a race report on this one? So many lessons learned:  Lesson 1, never drink loads of beer before committing to an event! We started the epic journey with a compulsory cold environment survival course of 4 days – absolutely key to getting to grips with some of the finer … Read more