Emily takes on her first IM Branded event! Weymouth 70.3

Weymouth 70.3 Sunday 19 September 2021 This race has been a long time coming. It began as an entry to Stafford 70.3 in 2020, then became Weymouth 2020 and then Weymouth 2021. As I sit here I’m still not sure that it even happened, it all feels very surreal. The atmosphere in Weymouth was buzzing. … Read more

Boxend Standard distance Euro qualifier (Allie)

I foolishly went into this race fasted…..long story but suffice to say Friday nights Chinese was a foolish choice as I never left the house yesterday for fear of, well you can all guess! So my diet yesterday was a crumpet and a bowl of pasta, woke up at 5am and was going to not … Read more

Emily takes silver medal and British Sprints Championships

Box End Sprint National Championships 4 September 2021 Genuinely entered this as nothing more than an opportunity to re-awaken the legs after last months Ironman and before Weymouth in a couple of weeks time. Night before race spent camped in my son’s room and up and down with a little boy who felt sick after … Read more

St Albans Sirens Swim the channel (Leanne’s Report)

I’ve still not really processed the fact that, less than a week ago, I swam from England to France as part of a four-woman relay team. I wasn’t planning on writing a “race report” – it wasn’t a race – but feel I need to do something to help me process the 12hours 20minutes of … Read more

St Albans Sirens swim the English Channel

The backstory to what made me do something that had never even been on my radar a year ago! December 2020 was a real turning point for me – so much happened in that month that changed my entire outlook and plans for 2021. Back in 2018 I had glandular fever, followed by shingles, followed … Read more

Midnight Man (Ironman distance) – Emily Taylor

Getting carried away I had always planned to do an Ironman at some point but promised myself that I’d get all the children into school first so that I had time to train properly for it. All four kids are not at school yet. I hadn’t had the time to train for it properly. I’d … Read more

St Neots Standard distance – Olly Buxton

St Neots Bit of a moody roller coaster this one. I arrived at registration just as the rain started. It wasn’t too long before I was asking myself “Why?”. I needed to snap out of it to be honest. You live in England, Olly FFS. Kerry said to just try and embrace it, so with … Read more

“I am an Outlaw” (Sam)

Strava reckons this was the result of 372 hours, 13 minutes and 2 seconds of training. I am so proud of my body and of my mind for allowing me to endure this, for allowing me to enjoy and to celebrate my first long course triathlon. When I thought about writing a race report I … Read more

Caging the chimp on the Dartmoor Classic

Heather’s event report from the Dartmoor classic sportive. Last Sunday saw possibly my only real event of 2021 thanks to a knee injury that has prevented me running since January.  We recce’d the route for the Dartmoor Classic over half term and in some ways I’m glad we did because we got to experience the … Read more