Grafman middle distance – Emily Taylor

Back in my happy place of middle distance today and what a cracking course the Grafman is. Left home at 4:45am and still seemed to run out of time before the 7am start. 6:45am quick lake dip was really welcome and reassured me that the water temperature was indeed pleasant. Swim course was perfect. Two … Read more

Cotswold 113 – Sam’s race report

113 Middle Distance Tri #2 triathlon, both Cotswolds 113.  Buzzing for days. Lake 32 was warm, although all open water is warm when you’ve swam in the sea in February. The swim felt good, following the mental map I’d made until I heard ‘shout-y Dave’ yelling to keep swimming, hand up and leg out, one … Read more

Herts Standard distance Tri – Emily’s race report

Finally defrosted enough to write this. Well, that’s the first Tri where I’ve done hill reps and star jumps in a wetsuit (complete with woolly socks and two hats) to warm up pre-swim. Thankfully no one caught that on camera. I’ve been really struggling with the cold in open water swimming this year and actually … Read more

Eton Sprints Race Report

I entered Eton sprints so I could do a race against a strong field to push me and see what my current baseline is. I’ve found training in lockdown has made it hard to push the limits with no ‘real’ racing. Having suffered post viral fatigue for nearly 3 years (getting glandular fever as a … Read more

Ashridge duathlon (ITU Qualifier) race report from Emily

The danger of all the virtual duathlons and triathlons over the past year is that I’ve rather enjoyed the lack of transitions and the ability to do the run one day and the cycle the next! Allie brought me back into the real world with a brilliant session on transition skills in which I managed … Read more

The Biggleswade Riviera 70.3

Olly’s race report from last weekends 770.3 from home. Great to see the training is really paying off! The swim started off at the local pool at 8am. Sadly, it happened to be the busiest session of the week so there was absolutely no chance of getting a lane to myself, so it was a … Read more

Emily takes 3rd place and an epic PB at Ashridge duathlon!

Congratulations to RedAlert PT multisport athlete, Emily, who came third in the Ashridge standard distance duathlon on Sunday. Emily knocked 5 minutes off her previous Ashridge PB despite the fact that Sunday’s bike course was 10km longer than previous years. Making this an astounding achievement. Here is what Emily said right after the event; “Allie’s … Read more