Herts Standard distance Tri – Emily’s race report

Finally defrosted enough to write this.

Well, that’s the first Tri where I’ve done hill reps and star jumps in a wetsuit (complete with woolly socks and two hats) to warm up pre-swim. Thankfully no one caught that on camera. I’ve been really struggling with the cold in open water swimming this year and actually I was surprised by how well I managed on the swim… though I had zero dexterity in transition and spent a record breaking 3min30 trying to get layers on.

Hooray for Wheathampstead Hill. First time I’ve ever said that. I overtook two people on the hill in an attempt to warm up. Thankfully the roads had sorted themselves out from yesterday’s rain. Didn’t spot a single other lady on the bike.

Onto the run which I was looking forward to as a last attempt to get warm. Glanced down on first lap to check I’d actually swapped bike shoes for trainers as my feet felt like rigid blocks of ice. Warmed up on first lap and began spotting some women from other clubs and picking them off one by one in case they were the same age group! Loved the run. Loved the hill which well and truly warmed me up. Loved the Marshall who shouted encouraging things each lap, loved seeing so many Triforce club members and soaking up the team atmosphere. Good preparation for Centurion and good to win my age group. Delighted we retained the trophy!

Thanks for the photos Dan


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