Kerry’s Race Report from the Velo Park Half Marathon #medalmonday

Very proud of RedAlert PT athlete Kerry for her first race fo the season!

Smashed it!!


Run through – half marathon at The Velo park….. let’s just put this in perspective….that’s 13.1 miles on a 1 mile cycle track! So 13 and a bit loops. Now I knew this one would be mentally tough just from the number of loops I had to do! Mentally soul destroying and even worse when I’m really bad at counting 😂

My lovely coach had given me some pacing to do my best to try and stick to but there was no pressure I just had to do my best and use it as a baseline for the rest of my training. I managed this well until about 12k in but that’s when I had a mini meltdown… panic attack set in and I had to have a very strong word with myself! But I managed to drag my ass around the last half trying to keep the pace where I could but it dropped off here and there. 

I’m really bad at putting pressure on myself and although I tried to apply a healthy attitude to this race I still ended up in a battle with myself. 

But that’s ok….I still came in at 1hr 58 which I wasn’t expecting so despite it all I’m really really chuffed. I had to dig deep and I won overall! 👍

Also I wouldn’t recommend this race….. the loops and the lack of support from spectators was miserable! Even my husband (who was cheering and clapping) said it was awful!

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