Bedford Half marathon 2013

My ‘first’ half marathon experience was back in 2000 (had to find my GNR medal to work out when it was) when I was 23, unfit, fat and didn’t think you had to train for such events! Having taken me a ridiculous time to complete – around 3 hours i’ve decided to erase it from … Read more

2013 Club Relay Championships

National Water Sports Centre, Nottingham Relay x 4: 500m swim – 15k bike – 5k run The Club relay championships are legendary now in the UK, having started in 1991 and growing in size and reputation ever since. In 1991 there was just 120 competitors, whilst last year saw over 2000 lucky athletes join in … Read more


The #TEamsportpursuit video is here! Blog from SportPursuit; “Typically, most sports businesses choose to champion the elite athlete, sponsoring a team of pro athletes in order to endorse and lend credibility to their product. There is no shortage of perks for the modern pro-athlete. What there is a shortage of is people championing the … Read more