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Blog from SportPursuit;

“Typically, most sports businesses choose to champion the elite athlete, sponsoring a team of pro athletes in order to endorse and lend credibility to their product. There is no shortage of perks for the modern pro-athlete.

What there is a shortage of is people championing the everyday athlete; the unsung hero. That’s what Team SportPursuit is about – giving unsung heroes the opportunity to feel like a pro-athlete for the day. Our heroes are our members – they are why we do what we do – so we choose to champion them.

We selected four members who applied to be a part of Team SportPursuit at Ironman Bolton 2013 and gave them each a spot in the sold out event. The team was made up of everyday athletes, chosen not just for their physical abilities but because to us they represent what sport should be about; commitment, passion, determination and involvement for personal enjoyment and achievement, not for money or fame.

In the lead-up to the event we followed their journey through the blog diaries, before bringing a film crew to track them through the race weekend. Their skills and abilities were varied, with some having never attempted a triathlon before the big day (even overcoming an inability to swim), and two team members who hoped to qualify for the World Championships in Kona – the mecca of Ironman – one on his seventh attempt.

What resulted were four incredible stories of determination – all with individual goals but each with the same sense of achievement.”

Many thanks to the film crew and producers at Dimension2.

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